Stone Carving Symposium


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The Northwest Stone Sculptors Association was founded in 1984 with the purpose of providing access to stone and stone carving tools and to promote stone sculpting in the Northwest. NWSSA has hosted annual symposia since 1987 where stone sculptors, stone and tool suppliers, and friends gather to work and play in a friendly and supportive setting. Two symposia are hosted each year: The biggest event is the annual International Stone Carving symposium held in Mt. Vernon, Washington during July. In early fall NWSSA hosts the Silver Falls Symposium, a smaller, more intimate affair, at the beautiful Silver Falls Park in Oregon.

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Year: 2017   Event Title: 30th Annual International Stone Carving Symposium

Event Dates:    July 8 - July 16         New Location!

This event takes place at Pilgrim Firs in Port Orchard, Washington (new location!)

Year: 2017   Event Title: Oregon State International Stone Carving Symposium

Event Dates:    August 10 - August 27        

This event takes place at Camp Suttle Lake near Sisters, Oregon

Year: 2015   Event Title: 28th Camp Brotherhood Symposium

Event Dates:    July 11 - July 19        

Year: 2015   Event Title: Suttle Lake Symposium

Event Dates:    August 23 - August 30        

This event takes place in Sisters, Oregon

Year: 2014   Event Title: 27th Camp Brotherhood Symposium

Event Dates:    July 12 - July 20        

Year: 2013   Event Title: 26th Camp Brotherhood Symposium

Event Dates:    July 13 - July 21        

This year, we welcome back acclaimed contemporary jade and granite sculptor Deborah Wilson. German artist Norbert Jaeger will focus on large scale granite sculpture. Claire McArdle will share techniques for figurative sculpture. Additional workshops include beginning stone sculpture, design basics, and pinning & sleeving. Online registration is available now at our website

Year: 2013   Event Title: Silver Falls Symposium

Event Dates:    August 24 - August 29        

Guest artists will be John Fischer & Kazutaka Uchida.

Year: 2012   Event Title: 25th Camp Brotherhood Symposium

Camp B Symposium:    July 14 - 23         25th anniversary

Year: 2012   Event Title: Silver Falls Symposium

Silver Falls Dates::    August 25 - August 30        

Kazutaka Uchida is the guest artist.

Year: 2011   Event Title: 24th Camp Brotherhood Sympsosium

Camp B Symposium:    July 9 - July 17        

Matt Auvinen is the guest artist.

Year: 2010   Event Title: Silver Falls Symposium

Symposium Dates:    August 28 - September 1