Stone Carving Symposium


Host: Muharraq Sculpture Symposium Country: Bahrain Jurried Participation

The Shaikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research & Arcapita announce the 1st Muharraq Sculpture Symposium in 2008. The sponsor of the 1st Muharraq Sculpture Symposium is Arcapita. Arcapita is also the sponsor of the restoration of the Bin Mattar House, located close to the symposium workshop. After completion of the marble sculptures, these will be moved to and permanently exhibited at the entrance of the Bin Mattar House.

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Year: 2008   Event Title: 1st Muharraq Sculpture Symposium

Event Dates:    November 1 - November 20        

During these three weeks artists will be working in situ in this very hard and difficult medium. Uniquely, the public will be able to watch the artists at their workshop as they chisel and cut into pieces of marble up to 3 meters tall. The different nationalities represented in this symposium Bahrain, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Italy, Greece, Syria and Turkey will present the visitor with a wide array of artistic approaches, techniques and tools.