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Since the festival took place for the first time at the end of the nineties in Freiburg, it has become an annual event and been hosted by a variety of European countries. If you are a stonemason or stone carver and are interested in taking part in the festival, simply fill out the application form and register by the respective deadline. Whether you are an apprentice, a qualified mason or master mason, a stonemason or a carver, working for a company or self-employed, come and enjoy the special festival atmosphere as an active participant and meet masons from all over Europe.

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Year: 2015   Event Title: Straßburg, France

Event Dates:    June 26 - June 28        

Year: 2014   Event Title: Freiburg Germany

Dates:    May 23 - May 25        

Year: 2013   Event Title: Lincoln England

Dates:    June 21 - June 23        

Lincoln is closely associated with stonemasonry through its world-famous Cathedral. The organiser of this year’s festival will be the Lincoln Cathedral Works Department.

Year: 2012   Event Title: Tronheim Norway

Event Dates:    June 29 - July 1        

Working in the material soapstone was a novel and rewarding experience for the majority of the stone carvers and stonemasons at the European Stone Festival in Trondheim, Norway. The 2012 event was hosted by the Nidaros Cathedral Works Organisation, Trondheim. Adjacent to the Cathedral, in the courtyard of the Archbishop’s Palace, 98 participants from 18 countries came together to realise their ideas on this year’s theme `Fairy Tales`. The atmosphere was relaxed as the apprentices, qualified masons and master masons from around the world worked together, obviously enjoying the opportunity to get to know fellow masons on both a personal and professional level.

Year: 2010   Event Title: Saverne France

Event Dates:    May 28 - May 30        

'Romanesque Art in Europe and the Symbolism of the Unicorn’ were the themes of the ninth European Stone Festival which took place in Saverne. The festival site was in the park of the spectacular Classical Chateau des Rohan which is located in the North Vosges mountains in the Alsatian region of France. Over 180 stonemasons and stone carvers from all corners of Europe, and even from other continents, gathered in Saverne to put their skills to the test. All the participants positively glowed with pleasure throughout the event revelling in the opportunity to work together with fellow stonemasons from all over the world. Neither the inclement weather nor the variety of languages could dampen their mood of enthusiasm.

Year: 2009   Event Title: Salzburg Austria

Event Dates:    July 3 - July 5        

Over 130 apprentice stonemasons and stone carvers, qualified masons and master masons from 9 nations came to the tenth European Stone Festival to demonstrate their skills, the event taking place on the Kapitelplatz in Salzburg. The international response to this creative festival for professional stonemasons was most impressive. The Steinzentrum Hallein and the Austrian National Stone Association were responsible for the organisation of the festival.

Year: 2008   Event Title: Freiburg Germany

Event Dates:    May 30 - June 1        

On the last weekend in May, over 100 stonemasons and carvers from 13 countries gathered in Freiburg to put their skills to the test.

Year: 2007   Event Title: Junas France

Event Dates:    July 5 - July 8        

The Stone Festival was hosted by the southern French association of quarry owners (Association du Carrières de Bon Temps) from the Junas region and the `Des Hommes et Cailloux` organization, who set the challenging task of constructing a dome. 200 stone carvers from England, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary and South Tirol gathered in the picturesque village of Junas and had 16 hours to carve various pieces which were then assembled into wall fountains. Others carved `Stones for Europe` based on the theme of coming together, continents, cultures and globalization, or stones for the dome construction (the task depending on their level of training).

Year: 2005   Event Title: Freiburg Germany

Event Dates:    N/A        

160 young stonemasons from 14 nations created small works of art from blocks of sandstone. About 10,000 visitors looked over the shoulders of the craftsmen and women. In the shady avenues of the Eschholz Park, the young artists interpreted the themes `In vino veritas and The many faces of stone in different cultures`.

Year: 2004   Event Title: Fertorakos Hungary

Event Dates:    June 9 - June 11        

130 stonemasons and sculptors from 11 nations came together to put their skills to the test in Fertõrákos, a picturesque place of historical importance, situated on the Neusiedler Lake. The unique natural landscape has been a World heritage Site since 2001. Even in Roman times, the value of the natural stone deposits was recognised. The white Leitha limestone, a material which is easy to work and was quarried here, was an attractive material not only in nearby Sopron, an old, wealthy trading centre, but was also favoured for the construction of the Ringstraße, the famous boulevard in Vienna.

Year: 2003   Event Title: Canterbury UK

Event Dates:    July 11 - July 13        

The Cathedral Works Organization and the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury Cathedral in England organised a fantastic Stone Carving Festival in the Cathedral yard. More than 8o participants came from France, Norway, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany. Stonemasons and stone carvers set out to carve a fountain and pool surround made of a soft French limestone. The theme for the fountain was The Sea and the carvers had the opportunity to interpret this in their own way. With superb sunshine all weekend and an excellent limestone to work, all the participants were highly motivated to accomplish the task.

Year: 2002   Event Title: Freiburg Germany

Event Dates:    June 28 - June 30        

over a hundred stonemasons and stone carvers from nine European countries gathered in Freiburg to put their skills to the test. The carvers and stonemasons came from all corners of Europe. Hungary, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway and Germany were all represented.

Year: 1999   Event Title: Freiburg Germany

Event Dates:    June 25 - June 27        

The idea for a European Stone Festival came into being in 1997 when a group of stonemasons from Freiburg took part in the annual French competition Rencontres de la Pierre in Junas near Nîmes, France. Two years later, over 90 apprentices, stonemasons and stone carvers met at the first European Stone Festival in the picturesque south German city of Freiburg. The festival was organized by the Friedrich-Weinbrenner-Gewerbeschule, Freiburg's college for stonemasons and stone carvers.