Stone Carving Symposium


Host: The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center Country: USA Open Registration

This is a year round program of workshops, residencies, and exhibitions with studio space that accommodates large and small work. Please visit their website for a list of all classes offered.

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Offering the following:

Year: 2017   Event Title: Workshops

Alabaster workshop:    July 24 - July 28        

Introductory Stone Carving:    March 18 - March 19        

Introductory Stone Carving:    July 8 - July 9        

Introductory Stone Carving:    October 7 - October 8        

Italian Stone Techniques:    August 14 - August 19        

Letter Carving:    May 27 - May 28        

OPEN STONE Symposium:    July 31 - August 5        

Stone Carving Session:    June 12 - June 16        

Stone Carving Session:    June 26 - June 30        

Stone Carving Session:    August 7 - August 11        

Stone Carving: Tools and Techniques:    July 24 - July 28        

Year: 2013   Event Title: Workshops

Architectural Carving:    August 12 - August 16         Explore how stone is quarried, shaped and carved

Carving Animals in Stone:    August 8 - August 11         Intensive 4-day weekend course

Carving In Stone:    June 17 - June 21         An introduction to the subtractive methods of carving

Carving Wild Stones:    August 19 - August 23         Learn how to hunt for and carve “wild” stone with stone sculptor, Rick Rothrock

Granite Sculpture:    July 22 - July 26         Learn how to carve granite or enhance technical skills for carving this stone

Intensive Stonecarving Workshop:    October 18 - October 20         3-day

Introductory Stone Carving:    March 16 - March 17         Two days of hand-carving technique and stone carving lore

Introductory Stone Carving:    October 12 - October 13         Two days of hand-carving technique and stone carving lore

Portraits in Marble:    July 29 - August 2         5-day workshop focuses on the development of a realistic human face in marble

Looking to fill your life with more art? Stone carving classes are just the beginning of what is offered at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in West Rutland, Vermont. Five-day workshops at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center offer an intensive, hands-on sculpture making experience from 9 AM-5 PM. There is a break in the middle of the day offering participants an opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of Vermont including the local quarries and surrounding marsh, home to many endangered and protected species. The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center partners with many area businesses to offer a range of accommodations including private homes, area campgrounds, Bed & Breakfast establishments, as well as larger, well-appointed hotels. Financial aid is also offered.

Year: 2012   Event Title: Workshops

Advanced Letter Carving:    October 6 - October 7         intermediate and advanced carvers looking to improve their letter carving skills

Introductory Stone Carving Weekend:    October 13 - October 14         Two full days of hand carving technique and stone carving lore

Three Day Intensive Stonecarving Workshop:    October 19 - October 21         intensive, one-on-one instruction for all skill levels of stone sculpture

The Carving Studio offers many different workshops. Please visit the official website to see the full list.

Year: 2012   Event Title: Open Stone Symposium

Event Dates:    July 21 - July 27         One cubic foot (160lbs) of Vermont Danby white marble is included

The seven-day Symposium is an open environment for sculptural exploration