Stone Carving Symposium


Host: Dikili Granite Sculpture Symposium Country: Turkey Jurried Participation

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Year: 2006   Event Title: International Dikili Granite Stone Sculpture Symposium

Event Dates:    July 1 - July 31        

This is the first event of this kind in Dikili. Dikili 1st International Granite Sculpture Symposium started in Dikili - Izmir, on the 1st day of July. Hasan Fuat Sari who is from Finland is the Art Advisor of the Symposium. Mika-Matti Nieminen and Hasan Fuat Sari (Finland), Luca Zupelli (Italy), Irma Ortega Perez (Mexico), Felipe Ferrer Guiata (Spain), Dan Archer (England), Dogan Çakir (Belgium) and Selçuk Yilmaz (Turkey) are the sculptors of the symposium.