Stone Carving Symposium


Host: Bildhauer Symposium Country: Germany Jurried Participation

Officially called the Behringen Sculpture Symposium

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Offering the following:

Year: 2016   Event Title: 20th Symposium

Event Dates:    June 8 - June 18        

Theme is Children and/or Hope

Year: 2015   Event Title: 19th Symposium

Event Dates:    June 6 - June 10        

The theme of this event is 'Knowledge'

Year: 2014   Event Title: 18th Symposium

Event Dates:    June 11 - June 20        

The theme for this years symposium is 'Stumbling Blocks'

Year: 2013   Event Title: 17th Symposium

Event Dates:    June 1 - June 19        

This is the 17th Event. The theme of this symposium is 'Habitats'. Seven artists will be selected for this symposium. Selected artists will be accomodated in the Castle Hotel in Beringen

Year: 2012   Event Title: 16th Symposium

Event Dates:    June 1 - June 8        

This is the 16th event by this organization. 6 Artists were selected by 135 applicants. The theme for this event is 'Growth'.

Year: 2011   Event Title: 15th Symposium

Event Dates:    May 29 - June 4        

The 15th sculpture Symposium will take place from 29 May 04 June 2011 at the Hainich National Park. The selection of artists was taken. From over 190 submissions, a jury chose six favorites. 'We neve had so many applications', said Jürgen Dawo, initiator of sculptor symposiums on the Hainich National Park.

Year: 2010   Event Title: 14th Sympsoium

Event Dates:    August 23 - September 4        

Already the 14th time Hütscheroda will be venue for the sculpture Symposium. The motto this year is: 'New beginning'. From 70 applications, the projects were selected by a jury of six artists from Germany, Finland, the Ukraine and Bulgaria.

Year: 2009   Event Title: 13th Symposium

Event Dates:    May 29 - June 5        

The 13th sculptor Symposium of the European Academy of communication for education and consulting projects is completed under the motto '13 - or superstition'. Six artists at a small ceremony handed their finished sculptures in the Park at the hotel 'the Mansion'.