Stone Carving Symposium


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Omaru Limestone comes from a New Zeland quarry operated by Parkside Quarries Ltd. The stone is considered 'the rock of ages'. The subtle textures of Oamaru Limestone have enriched The architecture of New Zeland since the dawn of their civilization. It's as old a the nation itself. And still one of natures finest building materials. The limestone is very soft and can be cut with a hand saw. The symposium was established in 1998

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Year: 2013   Event Title: 9th Oamaru Stone Symposium

Event Dates:    November 2 - November 17        

Year: 2011   Event Title: 8th Oamaru Stone Symposium

Event Dates:    November 5 - November 20        

The Oamaru Stone Symposium took place on Takaro Park. Up to 25 sculptors carved up to 50 tonnes of Oamaru Stone. This was an event not to be missed.